FACTORY I/O : Next-Gen PLC Training

3D training software for PLC programming.

PLC training platform on your computer

Turn a computer into a PLC training platform

More than 20 ready-to-use industrial applications

20+ ready-to-use scenes

Customized scenarios

Build your own scenarios

More than 80 industrial parts in FACTORY I/O

Industrial Parts

Digital and Analog I/O points

Digital and Analog I/O

FACTORY I/O works with any type of controller

Works with any PLC

HOME I/O : Smart Home Simulation

3D simulation of a smart home designed to cover a wide range of curriculum
targets within Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).

HOME I/O - real-time simulation of a smart house


ITS PLC is a real-time simulation of five common industrial systems.
Released in 2008, it was the first company product and is the predecessor of FACTORY I/O.

ITS PLC imitates typical industrial systems