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Smart Home Simulation


Interactive Smart Home Simulation

Designed to cover a wide range of curriculum targets within Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), HOME I/O has everything you need to create and monitor a real-time smart home simulation. With a built-in home console, you can monitor, control and secure a virtual home by creating smart home scenarios. Alternatively, use CONNECT I/O (included) and integrate HOME I/O with a wide range of external automation technologies: PLC, SoftPLC, Modbus, OPC, microcontrollers …

174 Interactive Devices
Built-in Smart Home Console
Digital and Analog I/O
Energy / Power Consumption



Learn how to program with HOME I/O + Scratch 2

HOME I/O can be used together with Scratch 2 through scratch extensions. Learn more >

HOME I/O with Scratch 2

Smart Home Console

Create smart home scenarios using common automation devices. For instance, set lights to turn on or off when people enter or leave a room or check whether doors and windows are open or closed.

Home automation console

Dynamic Parameters

Change weather settings, date, time and location. See how these parameters play on simulation and analyze the results.

Dynamic Parameters in HOME I/O

Faster Than Real-Time

Accelerate time and simulate a day in 17 seconds.

Accelerate time in HOME I/O

174 Devices

HOME I/O allows interaction with lighting, heating and other smart home devices using more than 400 I/O points.

Thermal Behavior

Real-time simulation of thermal behavior takes into account weather conditions, location and properties of the building.

Digital and Analog I/O

Turn lights on and off using digital values or measure brightness with analog values.

Surrounding Environment

Change weather conditions, location, date, time and other parameters.

Power Consumption

The Power Panel tracks real-time data of power consumption and accounts the hourly, daily, weekly and monthly energy consumption and cost.

Connect Technologies

CONNECT I/O allows to integrate HOME I/O with a wide range of external automation technologies (e.g. PLC, Modbus, microcontrollers and others).


Getting Started

Complete guide to using HOME I/O and CONNECT I/O, including tutorials and resources.


Success Story


Developed by Real Games in partnership with the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne (URCA) and partially funded by the French Ministry of Education, it was a response to a lack of effective didactic tools for the new generation of students and teachers, reflecting new technology trends. Today, with thousands of licenses used in France, HOME I/O proves to be an invaluable tool for French teachers and students alike.

… HOME I/O proves to be an invaluable tool for French teachers and students alike.

We are proud to see it shaping our kids future by educating them about the positive impact of home automation in people’s lives and on the environment. Feel free to try HOME I/O and explore teachathomeio.com (French only) where you can find relevant information on how HOME I/O is currently being used in the French educational system.



Chivalry Order of Academic Palms

Order of Academic Palms (Knight)

Prof. Bernard Riera (URCA) awarded with the title “Order of Academic Palms” (Knight) as a recognition of his leadership in the HOME I/O project and his contribution within the educational community.

From left to right: Prof. Bernard Riera and Vincent Peillon (French Minister of Education).

Educational Technology Award

Educational Technology Award

HOME I/O awarded with the “Le Coup de Cœur” (High Education category) on the 6th Edition of “TROPHÉES DES TECHNOLOGIES ÉDUCATIVES 2014″ at EDUCATEC-EDUCATICE 2014!

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Site License

Perpetual license
Unlimited number of users
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