Interactive Training System for PLC

ITS PLC Professional Edition

ITS PLC Professional Edition

The Professional Edition is the most powerful version of ITS PLC. Students are able to use an external PLC in its typical industrial environment and fully understand how to control each industrial system correctly.

ITS PLC PE works with all the major PLC brands: Allen-Bradley, Festo, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, Moeller, Omron, Schneider, Siemens, Unitronics and many others.


ITS PLC MHJ Edition provides you with top quality simulations of industrial systems that you can control together with MHJ software tools to make your Siemens training suite complete. The goal is to program a simulated PLC to control each system using the WinSPS-S7 or WinPLC-Engine.

ITS PLC MHJ Edition is a plug and play solution with no configuration required. It automatically detects and connects to WinSPS-S7 or WinPLC-Engine.

ITS PLC Professional Edition
ITS PLC Professional Edition


ITS PLC ATG Edition was designed to work directly with AUTOMGEN and no external controller is required. Use any of the available programming languages provided by AUTOMGEN and go directly from programming to testing with just one click.

AUTOMGEN and ITS PLC ATG Edition make an invaluable toolset for practicing and teaching GRAFCET (IEC 60848, 2nd Edition). Model a controller using GRAFCET and test it on-the-fly without the need to go through programming and implementation phases.

Industrial Automation Practices

Specification and programming of logic control applications in the ITS PLC training environment.

This exercise book is an original and educational text aimed at both trainers and trainees alike having interests in the industrial automation field. Based on the ITS PLC training software, the text stimulates and guides the reader in the discovery of six dozen PLC programs that bring to life the five virtual plants included in the ITS PLC software.

ITS PLC Professional Edition


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