Automgen TCP/IP

There are two nodes available for connecting with Automgen, the AUTOMGEN TCP/IP 16D8A (16 digital and 8 analog I/O) and the AUTOMGEN TCP/IP 64D16A (64 digital and 16 analog I/O). Data exchange is done through TCP/IP where CONNECT I/O is a server and Automgen a client. Note that these nodes allow only one connection at a time (one client).

Node Properties

Digital inputs are written to Automgen i variables and digital outputs are read from o variables. Analog inputs are written to m variables (WORD) starting at address 200 and analog outputs are read from m variables starting at address 300.

Inputs Description
Start Starts/stops the server.
Port Listening port (default is 4000).
i0...15 (63) Digital inputs.
m200...m207 (215) Memory inputs (WORD).
Outputs Description
Running Indicates if the server is running.
o0...o15 (63) Digital outputs.
m300...m307 (315) Memory outputs (WORD).

Setting up Automgen

  1. On the Project tree, double click on Configuration > Post-processors > PC > I/O drivers
  2. Select tcp-ip client driver from the Driver(s) available list and then click on Add

  3. Click on the previously added tcp-ip client driver and then click on Set parameters

  4. Insert the Server name or IP address of the machine where CONNECT I/O is running. If it is running on the same computer as Automgen you may use localhost as the server name
  5. Depending on the node you are using, configure the I/O addresses as shown on the images below



It's recommended to set Automgen to run at the same frequency as CONNECT I/O. Click on Configuration > Post-processors > PC > Run and change the Value in milliseconds to 10.